Product Review: LOXX

Posted: February 5, 2012 in Guitar
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I just picked up strap locks from a lesser known company named Loxx. Made in Germany, Loxx straplocks are basic and to the point. With a claimed 220 lb. of pull out force, these German engineered strap locks took me about 2 minutes to install with a screw gun. As said in my previous post, I’ve been faithful to Dimarzio Clip Lock straps. When I got my Betty strap, I needed strap locks. Now, although the Loxx strap locks won’t quit fit on the Betty strap unless I ream or punch out the hole a bit on the strap, these locks are quite nice. I like that they are very low profile and that the flat bolt has teeth that mount on the strap from behind. Its funny because the only other strap locks I’ve ever used were Schallers and I quit using them because the nut came loose and so did my strap. So I never used strap locks again. Loxx happens to have a nice comparison on their website between their product and Schaller’s. I can’t speak for other companies. Since I’m not really wanting to make the strap hole bigger on my Betty strap, I may try Ernie Ball strap locks and see how they compare. For the price and the quality, I would recommend Loxx. By the way, check out the Loxx history of how they came to be. Its actually kinda cool.

Side Note: Any time I decide to review something, I am in no way paid by or endorsed by any company. I just call it how I see/play it. I could only wish for free products and money and perks.

  1. kerry says:

    Kerry here from LOXX USA. I just happened to be looking across the web at relevant things. Great review. I’m glad you like the design! It’s unfortunate that your strap leather is too thick though. We are working on an extra long version for just this. Let me know if you have any questions at all!
    Lock on,


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