Posted: July 27, 2011 in Guitar

One of my favorite sites is the Mr. Fast Finger Guitar Shred show.. I’m not sure who supplied the licks, but they’re definitely a true shredder. The site uses flash animation to create a lesson plan in a fun and comical, cartoonish way. Your instructor is a “sensei” who jumps around and shreds in his male komono. SOme of the lessons include modes, tapping, whammy, speed-picking and legato. The lick lessons are definitely not for beginners. Although the tabs are given for each lesson, the licks are played at full speed shred ahead. The coolest part is the mini “duel” story where you get to jam out with all the licks at your literally fingertips. A short lead lick is attached to all letters (A-Z) and numbers (0-9) on the keyboard and they actually can all be played in succession. The transitions are all pretty smooth. If you have the time check this site out.

Mr. Fast Finger Guitar Shred Show


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