A Few of my Favorite Things

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Guitar, Uncategorized

Over the years I’ve spent some time customizing some of my guitars and have experimented with tubes. One of the coolest sites for guitar mods is Torres Engineering. I believe Dan Torres used to have his shop in CA but is located in WA now. He is best known for his amp mods but I’ve picked up a few mod kits from him that really did good my guitar(s). He has a volume kit that smooths out the volume increase/decrease and also replaces a standard 500k pot with a 1m ohm pot that increases the amount of gain from your pickups. I also picked up a crybaby mod kit that I installed myself. Real simple mod that allowed me to add a 5 position rotary switch giving me 5 different tones out of my crybaby. Dunlop makes a crybaby with the same feature, but its much cooler “modding” your own gear.

Torres Engineering

Another place I’ve shopped with is Eurotubes in Milwaukie, Oregon. Bob Pletka runs Eurotubes and deals mainly in JJs and NOS tubes. He really knows his stuff. I’ve bought tubes from him a couple times. I got a set of KT77 and a nice preamp set for my Carvin V3 which made my amp scream. I highly recommend checking out the sight. There’s a lot of informative stuff in addition to the store like “how to” biasing videos.



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